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Support the Behavioral Health Care Coverage Modernization Act!

Our state is in crisis. More than one million Coloradans are facing a mental health or substance use disorder—half don’t get the treatment they need.

If you or a loved one is fighting a mental health or substance use disorder, you probably don’t have enough time or money to fight an insurance company. And you shouldn’t have to.

Support the Behavioral Health Care Coverage Modernization Act 2019. House Bill 1269 will:

– Modernize our behavioral coverage laws to align with medical practice and increase access to needed services. There is more to someone’s mental health than a list of 16 diagnoses.

– Strengthen prevention and screening laws to shift our system away from expensive late-stage treatment to early intervention.

– Ensure enforcement and transparency of existing state and federal parity laws and increase consumer protection.

– Eliminate gaps and loopholes in current law to ensure no more Coloradans fall through the cracks.

When insurers fail to pay for mental health and substance use services early, the state pays later. But there is some good news: a recent study from the World Health Organization indicates that for every U.S. dollar invested in treating depression and anxiety, there was a $4 return in better health and ability to work.

Please contact advocacy@childrenscolorado.org with questions.