Action on Youth Mental Health was established to bring organizations together to address the challenges our children face when it comes to their mental health. The coalition also works to connect Coloradans with their state legislators to educate them on the need for a better mental health system for our kids.

A recent national report ranks Colorado 33rd in the country for children’s mental health when looking at the prevalence of mental health conditions and access to care. We believe that if we can succeed in making 2019 the Year of Children’s Mental Health, we can finally institute a comprehensive “system of care” model in Colorado that would bring consistency, alignment, and integration across state and local child-serving agencies.

The results will create a dramatic advancement in childhood and youth mental health access and services, including significant cost savings and an enhanced capacity based on better data and improved governance to push even more solutions in the future.

Together, we have the power to improve our mental health system for our state’s most vulnerable citizens — our young people.