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Support expanding school-based mental health services with Senate Bill 19-010

The School Health Professionals Grant Program was created in 2014 and provides time-limited funding to schools to increase the presence of school health professionals and support the behavioral health needs of students. School health professionals facilitate prevention education, screening for early identification, and referral care coordination for students with substance use and other behavioral health needs.

Senate Bill 19-010 strengthens the School Health Professionals Grant Program by:

– Clarifying the definition of behavioral health to include mental health
– Allowing schools to use the funding for telehealth technology so students can have direct services by a school health professional
– Allowing schools to use the funding to contract with a community partner for behavioral health services
– Allowing, but not requiring, professionals hired through this grant program to provide therapy to students
– Changing the criteria by which schools are prioritized for grants, by including: Suicide attempts, deaths by suicide, prevalence of adverse childhood experiences, and bullying; student drug or alcohol use; the school’s access to a behavioral health care provider; and the prioritization of grant funding for staff training related to behavioral health

The bill is requesting an additional $3 million in marijuana tax cash funds for this program.

Please contact advocacy@childrenscolorado.org with questions.